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Our customers are savvy. They know how to get the “new” experience at a fraction of the price. You too can enjoy the benefits of a therapeutic, relaxing hot tub/spa without the big price tag. Classic Spas have been providing quality rebuilt used hot tubs for 6 years. What started as a hobby is now an exciting, fast-growing business. The used hot tubs we built in our early days are not nearly as awesome as the ones we build today but guess what? Those early buyers are repeat customers!

Just recently, the very first hot tub we ever rebuilt was traded in and has been sold again. To show you how far we’ve come, we decided to document the entire process. The customer who bought it has no idea that we are filming it all and we hope you come back to see the end result when we are done in just a few weeks from now.

Completed Hot Restoration Project Brown Cover
Completed Hot Restoration Project Black Cover
Can you tell that these aren’t new hot tubs? Neither will your friends!

A Used Hot Tub Can Save You Money

Only you and your family will know (but of course, we would like you to tell your friends, both real and on Facebook).

These and most of our other completed used hot tubs started out looking like the examples of our inventory below, but with some TLC, elbow grease and a bit of imagination we create hot tubs that your family will be proud to own.

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Warm Up Your Winter!

You can survive any Canadian winter with a used hot tub refurbished to your specifications. Beat the stress of a long workday or commute home by jumping into a relaxing, therapeutic and inviting spa.

Full Warranty on all Rebuilt Used Hot Tubs

We provide new titanium heaters and new or rebuilt pumps. We stand behind our work with a full comprehensive warranty on all rebuilt hot tubs.

Completed Hot Restoration Project Brown Cover

Pre-owned factory rebuilt Used Hot Tubs at a fraction of the cost!

Take the sensible approach and treat your family and friends to a “nearly new” rebuilt hot tub and put the savings in your pocket (or take a vacation!). Our spas are restored to better than new in many cases because we have fixed the design flaws. Our experience working on hundreds of used hot tubs from nearly every manufacturer gives us a very unique perspective. We see the same defects over and over again and we change them so it is no longer a defect. As service provider partners to the companies that make them, we pass this information along to the manufacturers so they can make the needed changes to improve their products. We have a very good relationship with manufacturers and we always strive to rebuild with factory OEM parts.

If you are picking one of the used hot tubs from our inventory, you have many options to customize your spa. Every spa comes with a new cover in a color of your choice. Every spa comes with a new titanium heater. We decide if it will be a refinished or a new exterior but you always get to choose the colour. You can also choose the type and colour of jets, stereo and lighting options too.

Factory rebuilt hot tubs are great! Once your hot tub is filled and up to temperature, only you will know that it’s not a factory original unit.